Other Events by the Organisers

The Health & Safety Excellence Awards is a part of the BusinessRiver network solution which hosts over 12,000 senior level business professionals at over 30 events with a wider business network of over 25,000 people.

We have founded more than 30 award programmes, meetings and events across a diverse range of business sectors:

Entertainment & Leisure | Science & Technology | Pharmachem | Life Sciences | Media & Marketing | Sustainability | Legal & Finance | Construction | Agribusiness | Aviation | Marine | Property Development | Architecture | Fit Out | Facilities Management

Please find below a sample of some of the events within the BusinessRiver network.

Pharma Industry Awards
The Awards programme that encourages excellence and innovation in Ireland's pharmaceutical sector. Visit the Website.
Facilities Management Awards
Launched in 2014, the Facilities Management Awards is the premier awards programme for benchmarking excellence within Ireland's FM sector. Visit the Website.
Irish Construction Industry Awards
Launched in 2014, the Irish Construction Industry Awards has established itself as the premier event in Ireland for benchmarking excellence in the construction industry in Ireland. Visit the Website.
Fit Out Awards
The Awards programme to celebrate Ireland's top Fit Out projects and teams. Visit the Website.
The Irish Logistics & Transport Awards
The premier Awards programme for the Logistics and Transport sector in Ireland. Visit the Website.
The long-standing awards programme that celebrates excellence in aviation and encourage teams and individuals to constantly raise the bar. Visit the Website.