Colm Byrne

Health & Safety Consultant, AIB

Colm is an occupational Health & Safety Professional with a strong technical background experienced in multi-site operations as well as extensive knowledge and experience in industries such as Data Centres, Call Centres and Large-scale Office, Manufacturing, Construction.

He has a thorough, up-to-date knowledge of health and safety legislation, including EU directives and codes of practice. Being well practised in designing safety management systems for multi-jurisdictional environments in line with organisational principles with a focus on delivering results. Throughout his career he has gained experienced in managing an audit teams and programmes to ISO 19011 standard and auditing Safety Management Systems to ISO 45001 standards with a strong ability in presenting and reporting to senior management on organisational safety strategy, safety objectives and performance. From education & experience, he possesses the ability to deliver pragmatic solutions with minimum impact to end users and customers. Strong electrical and mechanical background.

With specialties in  Risk Assessment, Accident & Incident Investigation, Safety Management System (SMS) design and implementation, while also Qualified Electrician.

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