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Rafael Bernardes

Rafael Bernardes

Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager, Dublin Bus

Rafael Bernardes

Rafael Bernardes is an Industrial Engineer by profession with over twelve years of business experience, change management, business transformation, Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Energy and Sustainability compliance, and corporate strategy, through private sector organisations in different businesses, nationally and internationally, such as Metallurgical, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Textile, Medical Devices and now Public Transport.

Rafael current role is Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager for Dublin Bus. He is responsible for providing guidance and continuous improvement to the Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Energy and Sustainability management system for Dublin Bus - QEHSES Integrated Management System. Rafael achieved many ISOs accreditations/certifications (ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO5001 & ISO 14001) for Dublin Bus and other large organisations.

Certified QEHS auditor, Black Belt professional and Project Management Professional (PMP), Rafael has extensive experience in implementing QEHSES culture and business compliance. Also, he holds an MSc. in Engineering - Quality Management Systems – Lean six sigma & Innovation (Continuous Improvement) from the University of Limerick and an Executive MBA (Management & Leadership Development Programme) from Trinity College Dublin.

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